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Post-summer Workout Tips: Will You Stick with Your Plan?

Towards the middle of the spring, everybody seems to be preparing for their summer bodies; some by sticking to a strict diet, some by engaging in a body-sculpting workout plan, while others choose to hit those muscles on both fronts. Once the summer passes, however, the days become shorter, our motivation fades away and fatty and starchy winter foods enter our menus. In fact, the very idea of working out becomes a torture. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you are allowed to disregard regular workouts, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

1.    Understand why it’s so important

Realizing why maintaining a regular workout plan throughout the year is perhaps the best motivator and tip on this list. There are three general reasons why people start working out: the desires for looking good, feeling physically capable, or boosting your health. Well, every single one of those categories is extremely important for a human being – mentally, as well as physically. This having been said, staying strong, fit and healthy is more important during the winter than while the summer lasts, as we tend to ingest fattier and more sugary foods that do not play well with our bodies; at least without a proper workout.

2.    Avoid long breaks, they are bad for you

If you skip workouts for a couple of days, and even a week, this really won’t do much. In fact, an occasional week-long break is recommended for people who are exercising regularly (four to six times a week). Within approximately two weeks of physical inactivity, however, your aerobic conditioning will start dropping and you will start noticing it.
Aerobic activity (jogging, riding a bike, swimming, etc.) works your heart and lungs and the more you work out, the more efficient will your heart and lungs become at delivering fresh oxygen and blood to your body during exercise.
When you stop exercising, your heart’s ability to pump blood at extremely efficient levels will start declining, resulting in you slowly losing your form and, thus, feeling increasingly bad, physically.

3.    Break out of the norm

Once the fall starts slowly turning into winter, your need to change your daily routines will start growing and this is completely normal! You’ve been sticking to a relatively repetitive regime for more than 4 months, after all. Trying something new can go a long way in helping you maintain your form and strength; in fact, try doing different exercises every day, as this may motivate you to push onwards, no matter how difficult it was the day before.
Other than that, feel free to give yoga a go; go to a bootcamp class, or simply try using a new kit in your regular routine – this will be great for your motivation and for your body, as it will learn to experience a variety of movement.

4.    Get quality equipment

People like looking nice, regardless of their gender, especially at the gym. No matter how much you love outside workouts, once the temperature drops, you will be bound to the gym. For example, wearing a fashionable and quality pair of men’s gym shorts will give you both flexibility and work great with your sex appeal.
Additionally, depending on your workout preference, there are many different types of gym shoes worth looking into.

5.    Try eating healthy

Did you ever notice that summer simply makes you crave more healthy foods? Well, this is one of the main reasons why working out is significantly easier during the summer – the more nutritious the food, the more energy and motivation you’ll have. In fact, if you start eating healthy, non-fatty, non-starchy foods during the winter, not only will your workouts become easier, but your body will start craving a healthy diet! Talk about a win-win situation, huh?

Your workout regime should definitely not suffer on account on your winter-inspired laziness. Maintain a fit body and, once the summer comes, your beach body will have already been there for a long time! Understand why post-summer workouts are so important, avoid taking large breaks, try spicing things up by trying new stuff, let the new, quality equipment inspire you and make sure that your exercise plan is well-supported by a healthy diet!