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3 Sports to Keep You in Shape For Summer

It’s still fall but it’s the perfect time to start getting our bodies ready for the summer. Ok. Maybe we can wait until after Thanksgiving. After all, there’s no way we can turn down Grandma’s buttermilk pie.

However, after the last turkey sandwich is made and devoured, it’s time to get down to business. It’s a wise idea to do your best to stay in shape year round, but there is something about that summer body that we love to show off.

Being able to enjoy yourself on the beach laying out in the sun or indulging in a competitive game of beach volleyball without worrying about what you look like or passing out in the heat because you are out of shape makes the summer that much more fun. Below are three sports that can help you get there and maintain that summer physique.


When you were little, one of the biggest accomplishments in your life was to learn how to ride a bike. First with training wheels and then that glorious day came when you did it all by yourself. From then on, anywhere you went, you were riding your bike. Bike riding is something that followed most us through our teen years, at least until we could drive a car.

It was fun, it was our main mode of transportation, and it was cheap. Unbeknownst to us, it was also extremely healthy exercise and the reason we could outrun our parents if we got in trouble.

Want to keep that body lean and that heart in good working order? Take up biking again. You can do this any time of the year. There are no limits to how long you can ride except those you place on yourself and there are several places you can bike and get a great view of nature at the same time. Biking is also a very easy activity for the whole family.


How many of you live for the outdoors? There is nothing like discovering what nature has to offer. There are countless creeks, rivers, overlooks, and beautiful old trees that decorate the outdoors, but are mostly untouched simply because humanity would rather stay inside. Hiking is not only full of wonder and discovery, it’s awesome for your body.

Hiking through the woods will strengthen your core, improve your balance, help you lose and maintain your weight, and is great for your heart health. All of these will assist you in winning those summer swimming races and help you stay up longer on that big wave. Whether you decide to enjoy nature through fishing, camping, or four-wheel riding, throw in the opportunity to hike. Your summer self will thank you.


Did you ever play backyard soccer as a kid? A lot of hands went up on that one. It was the one game where you weren’t allowed to touch the ball with your hands, but everyone did their best to do it anyway and then explain it away as an accident. Soccer, or football as it’s called in most countries, is the number one sport in the world.

It’s extremely competitive and very hard to keep up with. If you really want to push the envelope on how strong and healthy you can be, soccer is the sport for you. It’s great for increasing your heart health and stamina. Body fat doesn’t stand a chance. It builds muscle and bone strength and creates a change-up in exercise through the shifts between walking, sprinting, and jogging.

Summer is closer than you think. Start now and play your way to a healthy and gorgeous summer body.