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5 Troubles That Comes With Hard-Core Athletic Performance

Lots of people enjoy watching athletic contests. We grow up with our favorite sports teams, and our favorite players on these teams. However, there are certain troubles that come along with being on a major sports team, and much of it has to deal with the idea of hard-core athletic performance.

Consider the fact that a lot of athletes end up with some type of addiction to painkillers, they fall prey to poor use of social media, they fall victim to anxiety and depression, many of them end up with money troubles, and a good percentage of them will end up with an altered lifespan. These are all worthwhile to consider when you celebrate their accomplishments.

Addiction To Painkillers

Dealing with a pain killer addiction can be particularly troublesome for athletes. Because in many athletic contests – pain is a part of the game. Millions of dollars can move one way or another depending on your performance, so it’s up to you to keep your body in the best shape possible. If you use painkillers to do this, you can end up sliding down the slippery path to addiction at some point in your career.

Poor Use of Social Media

Especially nowadays, high-performing athletes can end up with popular social media accounts. And the types of things that they post can backfire quickly if they aren’t careful. There are all kinds of stories almost daily about various athletic celebrities getting in trouble for pictures they post, views that they have, or other things that they promote online via the profiles. It’s almost gotten to the point where they have to have a professional handler to make sure they stay out of this trouble.

Anxiety and Depression

Athletes are prone to anxiety and depression just like the rest of us, but because of the pressure put on them from audiences, friends and family, and coaches alike, these bouts of depression tends to be more high-profile. Just like lots of movie actors and musicians end up with various troubles regarding anxiety and depression, mainstream athletes often fall into this trap as well.

Money Troubles

Just because they make a lot of money, doesn’t mean that athletes necessarily know how to use it appropriately. There are all sorts of horror stories about celebrated athletes spending more money than they should on things like houses or parties, and then end up falling into debt later because they haven’t saved enough for a rainy day. Anyone who jumps into a windfall of cash can run into issues quite quickly if they don’t exercise self-restraint.

An Altered Lifespan

In sports like football or race car driving, the actual performance of your sport can lead to an altered lifespan. Because of injuries or other hard lifestyle choices, many years can get taken off of the average lifespan of these people. It’s important to consider that when thinking about how they perform for your enjoyment.