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Challenges Commonly Faced By Professional Athletes

For many professional athletes, being in the spotlight can be overwhelming.  The roar of the crowd and flash of the cameras weigh heavy on a person’s sense of self.  It is not very often that the media highlights the struggles faced by the professional athlete.  

The public generally only sees the sensationalism that sells the “dream” of making it to the professional level of competition in any sport, but becoming a famous sports icon is not always a dream come true.  Take a moment to read over a few honest tidbits highlighting the challenges commonly faced by professional athletes.    

The temptation of overindulgence is strong

The word “overindulgence” usually makes people think of that extra piece of cake they ate at Thanksgiving dinner, but that does not account for the challenges faced by professional athletes.  When the bank is overflowing, and an athlete is constantly being showered in praises and pats on the back, overindulgence takes on a whole different connotation.  

Athletes find themselves overindulging in the fame and popularity.  They overindulge by flagrantly spending money, and some athletes find themselves overindulging in substances.  Talented and popular, many athletes find themselves lost and alone while simultaneously being smothered.  

Not all professional athletes will be rich forever

The lifespan of many professional athletes is less than 10 years.  Though a person might make millions in those years, many do not plan ahead financially.  When a family is used to living on a million dollar budget, they tend to continue living in that manner.  

Even once the money has stopped flooding the family bank account, the family continues spending.  Many professional athletes find themselves in debt within the first ten years after their career comes to an end.  Proper financial planning is crucial for the future.  

Relationships with family and friends change

It is not a certain sentence for everyone, but it is not uncommon for professional athletes to experience excessive turmoil in their personal lives.  Maintaining any relationship, no matter the nature, is difficult when living life in the spotlight.  

Money changes people.  Money changes relationships.  The hard fact is that when others know that someone close to them is financially comfortable, they know exactly who to call when trouble arises.  The constant back and forth conversations concerning money tend to place more stress on an already stressed athlete.  

It is not easy to know who to trust

Just as money changes relationships, fame and fortune changes people.  It is hard to know who to trust when there are millions of dollars at stake.  Financial advisors, bankers, lawyers, and agents play very vital roles in the lives of many professional athletes.  These people must be trustworthy.  Never hire someone just because they are available and smooth-talking.