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How to Avoid an Accident When Cycling on the Road

It’s no secret that cycling on the roads comes with inherent dangers that sometimes can’t be avoided if you are the cyclist. You could be everything you’re supposed to be and do everything you’re supposed to do and you’re still at major risk of something incredibly awful happening to you.

You probably know the basics of road safety when you’re a cyclist, but there are some extra things you can do to make yourself a little safer. Ignore this advice at your peril, or at the very least, research some decent bicycle accident lawyers, you’re going to need them.

Wear Your Hi-Vis ALWAYS

Sure, it may not be the coolest fashion accessory on the road, but wearing something with reflective strips that makes you stand out is a sure fire way of minimising the risk of a driver not seeing you.

It’s not the cyclist’s fault but it’s well known that driver’s of cars have a sort of selective vision. If they’re not expecting to see a cyclist, then they probably won’t. Which means you are in serious danger.

Keep Your Tyres in Top Condition

Your tyres are the main contact point between your transport and the road and they’re going to feel every little bump and crack in the road. That’s why it’s so imperative that you maintain them to a high standard.

Check the pressure on them regularly to see if they are going down or even a little deflated. Make sure you always have a puncture kit on you in case you notice it while you’re out and learn how to do it quickly and on the go.

Hitting a pothole with a deflated tyre can cause the bike to knock out of control which, when you’re on the road, can result in a collision with anything or anyone around you.

Stay Sensible on Corners

Cycling in a straight line usually has a low risk factor, but when it comes to corners, that’s where you’re going to run into problems. Hitting one too fast or going to fast for the conditions is a sure fire way to skid into oblivion.

To avoid an accident on a corner, make sure you keep looking where you’re going. Keep your head up and straight and try and anticipate the curvature of the road and anything that might be coming the other way.

Stop pedalling on the approach to corner and lean into the curve as you’re going round it, remember to keep your leaning pedal at the top of the rotation to stop it striking the road.

Don’t Overlap If You’re Group Riding

When you’re riding with a group, don’t let your front wheel overlap with the rider in front’s back wheel as this creates a totally avoidable hazard. When you’re so close to another rider, you’re reducing the amount of time you have to react to anything he or she does.

Remember to always stay alert and on the ball when you’re on your bike. When you get sloppy and lazy, that’s when you make mistakes and that’s when accidents happen. If anything does happen, remember to stay calm, not overreact and to take things slow when it comes to the aftermath.