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The Cyclist’s Vigilance

Joining your local cyclists’ club is in many ways one of the best things you could ever do for your health, but it’s way more than your health which will benefit. So many things go on at the typical contemporary cycling club, going beyond the primary activity of cycling and keeping fit and healthy in that way.

You get some kind of fellowship and some lifelong friendships are created, with your new friends surprisingly making for some people whom you can really count on for some issues you might be dealing with well beyond your cycling exploits. Lots of wisdom about anything and everything gets shared amongst members of a cyclists’ club and often they form some kind of economic unit which by mere virtue of putting their helmet-protected heads together achieves a whole lot more by way of financial goals.

Going back to some of the wisdom which is often shared though, there is a phenomenon known as the cyclist’s vigilance. It’s a very powerful approach to all areas of one’s life and not just while out on the road where it’s originally applicable as a point of origin. You can apply the cyclist’s vigilance to your professional life for example and perhaps even to your personal life, by way of romantic relationships.

So the cyclist’s vigilance is comprised out of a few principles which come together to make for a good way of living one’s life:

Learning the basic rules extremely well

Considering the rules of the road, cyclists know them like the back of our hand, simply because we kind of have to. It’s important though to know the basics as this is the starting point of any success or positive experience.

Hoping for the best but always preparing for the worst

As much as cyclists are the most protected species on the road behind pedestrians, this doesn’t mean that they’re immune to the lurking dangers. So they do indeed practice vigilance – they practice the cyclist’s vigilance.

Making the most of the good times

Good weather is one of the many factors which could constitute what can be referred to as good times in the world of a cyclist and those cyclists who particularly live in places where it rains a lot are always ready to make the most of the good weather when it comes around. Basically it just means that you should be adequately prepared to capitalize on the good times.

Knowing exactly what to do when things go awry

It’s hard to imagine any spontaneous developments would have your cycling group crossing state lines, so your plans of knowing exactly which car accident attorney in Newton County you would seek the services of, for example is something which would probably not change too much in the event that any of your other plans change dynamically. This does however bring into focus the need to know exactly what you need to do should certain situations arise, even those which aren’t particularly pleasant to have to think about.

We are indeed talking about cycling, but this can all be applied beyond that scope, can’t it?