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3 Major Beneficial Uses for Cycling

The bicycle, as we know, it has been around since 1817. Whether you ride or spin, you are working with some form of the bicycle. With the invention of cars and more and more daily events crammed into our already packed day, riding our bikes has quickly become something one children do. One of the biggest Christmas presents a child could receive is that of a brand new shiny bike. Below are 3 reasons the bicycle is still a very practical idea and well worth making time for.

The Stress Reliever

Cycling is well known to get the heart pumping. This, in and of itself, raises the amount of happy hormones in our body. Believe it or not, lite to moderate exercise will leave you feeling more energetic. With more energy you get more done and have less stress. After everything you get done in a day, you’ll be so exhausted you are going to have no problems hitting the hay. More sleep equals less stress. Not to mention, while you are busy boosting your happy hormones, the stress hormones, like cortisol, will be burned at the stake.

A New Hobby

I know. Who has time for a hobby? Most of us are at it from dawn to dusk. When our head hits the pillow, ten thousand gorillas couldn’t keep us from dreamland. However, it’s also well known that we will make time for what is important to us. For instance, a new couple might need something to do together, because most of their day keeps them apart. Go cycling. A recovering addict may need something to get involved with to keep him/her away from negative situations. Go cycling! You find yourself with a child suffering from ADHD and you are looking for something to level him off. Introduce him to cycling.


It’s a bike. It has wheels and goes pretty darn fast. There’s no exhaust to worry about, you are the fuel, and if it breaks down, it’s much cheaper than a car to fix. In the morning or evening rush hour, you’ll be the only one still moving. Why not make it your primary mode of transportation? It will save you money, time, and help you get in shape in the process and because you rode your bike to work, you’ll have extra energy for the day to boot.

Cycling is beneficial in so many ways. These are just a few. Why not give it a shot the next time you are thinking of doing something new? At the very least, you will find a new hobby that helps you get around faster and boosts your health and well being in the process.