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Equipment You Need to Work Out Your Core

Core muscles are those that strap your pelvis and trunk. They are crucial for maintaining the stability of your body. The core muscles help you stretch, reach, and bend. They are also responsible for body functions like breathing, urination, and defecation. Building core strength also protects you from lower back pain and improves your posture. 

To work out your core, you need to engage in resistance training. It offers challenging and focused workouts. These workouts will build your muscles, as well as improve your core strength.

You can use your body weight or get some equipment to help with resistance training. You can get your sporting items from different sporting goods stores. Save money on purchases by searching for coupons. It includes the Dick’s Sporting Goods coupon, among others. Here are some of the equipment you can use to work out your core.


Russians were the first to use kettlebells. They developed them for use in aerobic exercises and strength training. Russian kettlebells look like cannonballs with handles. They are versatile, inexpensive, and give a great core workout.

The kettlebell workout involves your complete range of motion. It is also high-intensity, requiring you to be agile and flexible. Take your time and take it a step at a time until you can do a complete routine.

Roller Wheel

One of the best ways to take care of your overall fitness is to work on your core. One of the best ways to work on your whole-body core is using the roller wheel. It strengthens and tones up your muscles, tightening your body core and lower back muscles.

If you are a beginner, start small. Finish one or two exercises every three or four days. Also, consider working out with someone who can monitor your form.

Free Weights

You can use dumbbells or barbells. Barbells have long bars with weights at the ends, while dumbbells are small, hand-held weights. The beauty of free weights is that they are versatile and inexpensive. There are several exercises where you can use them. However, they need proper technique and training to reap the benefits and avoid injury.


Different machines target different specific muscles. They are safer and easier to use than free weights. However, they are not as versatile. They are also expensive. Hence, they may limit you to use in the gym. For home use, you can consider an all-in-one machine. They have different stations and pulleys to work out the various muscles.

Stability Balls

They look like humongous, colorful beach balls. They are inexpensive and very effective in working out your core. You can adapt them to different everyday uses that work out your body and strengthen your core. Engage someone who knows about stability balls when you are getting one. They will help you get the right size and pressure to fit your abilities and needs.

Resistance Bands

These bands weigh almost nothing, making them portable. You can use them anytime, anywhere. They help strengthen your muscles and improve your endurance by creating resistance as you work out. However, learn the proper technique for each exercise.


Start small with every workout equipment, unless you are already familiar and comfortable with it. Be careful not to injure yourself. If you have health issues and it is your first time engaging in core exercises, check with your doctor.