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Your Relationship With Food:  Should You Just Get a Divorce or Work It Out?

We are all aware of the importance to eat right. Some of us are experts at it. Some of us genuinely try and just cannot seem to get the hang of it,  and some really couldn’t care less. Which category do you fall into? No matter which category you fit in, what we eat determines a lot in our time here. Things like how long you live and how illness free you live your life can have a lot to do with what you eat or don’t eat. Below are some things to think about the next time you go grocery shopping.

I Need You Coffee

Millions of us start every day with a cup of coffee. We have heard over the years that coffee is bad for your heart, it has too much caffeine, and since it is a diuretic, dehydration is a threat, as well. Many are glad that scientist thought coffee was worth working it out. After several studies, it turns out coffee is full of antioxidants. Why is that cool? Antioxidants help protect our bodies from free radicals. Coffee is also now known for staving of depression and thoughts of suicide by boosting serotonin and dopamine, the body’s natural happy hormones. Coffee also helps you maintain those hard to reach weight goals. Caffeine is a natural metabolism booster and coffee is only a whopping 7 calories a cup.

Pasta! You Can’t Just Leave

Oh wow! We love our pasta!! A big plate of spaghetti with meatballs always hits the spot, especially before a race. Seafood alfredo is a huge hit at several Italian restaurants and angel hair pasta with olive oil and tomatoes is just a masterpiece on a plate! Should we work this relationship out though? Pasta is scientifically proven to help prevent things like type II diabetes, breast and prostate cancer, and even Alzheimer’s. On top of all that, the one thing that pasta used to get railroaded for is probably the best thing about it. Pasta is full of carbohydrates, great fuel for our body’s brains and muscles. Definitely not getting a divorce here. Just be careful. Portion control is key. Too much of this lovely dish will increase the urgency of your weight loss wish.

What About My Sweet Tooth

Come on. We all have one. Most consider the craving for sweets as a weakness, especially in the middle of a diet.. Guess what. Sweets are good for you!! Again, moderation is a great thing to get the hang of. Though pasta is a better source most desserts are a source of carbohydrates. They are also a great way to pick you up on a gloomy day. For real! They raise the happy hormone levels in your body. Desserts are also a great way to work in more fruit into your diet. Again, let’s see if we can work it out. After all, food was not put here to torture us, right?

In the end, divorce is never a favored decision. Not even when food is involved. Eat and enjoy! Just do it in moderation and with a little variety and you and your food will live happily ever after.