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How to prevent your bike from being stolen in a city with a high theft rate

Riding a bike is an amazing activity that can be a great form of exercise, an affordable way to get around town, and a fun way to stay competitive. If you are a bike rider, one of the worst things that could happen would be if your bike is stolen. This can be a very devastating situation and a major financial drain as you will need to have it replaced. If you live in a city that has a high theft rate, this could be a big concern that you need to take seriously. Fortunately, there are a variety of tips that you can follow that could help you to prevent having your bike stolen even if you live in an area that has a higher rate of theft.

Get a Good Lock

One of the best things that you could do if you want to keep your bike from being stolen is to invest in a quality lock. When you have a good bike chain and lock, it will be much harder for someone to steal it. Due to the extra time and effort that it would take, a thief is much more likely to move on and find a bike that will be an easier target. When you go to your local bicycle store, you should have plenty of great bike lock options to choose from.

Write Down Your Serial Number

Depending on the type of bike that you have, it is very likely that it will have some form of a serial number on it. While writing down your serial number will not necessarily prevent the bike from being stolen, it could be useful when trying to get it back. If your bike is stolen, you should report it to the police and give them your bike model and serial number. If your bike happens to turn up, the police will be able to turn it back over to you.

Bring it Inside

While your bike is something that will only be used outside, you should still make sure that you bring it in at night. If you do not have a secure garage or shed, you should have it brought into your home each night. This will make it much harder for someone to steal. Additionally, keeping your bike inside when it is very cold outside during the winter will help to extend the bike’s useful life.

Keep Your Eye on It

Ultimately, the best way to prevent your bike from being stolen is by keeping your eye on it. If you are taking your bike to a park, restaurant, or other area, you should try to leave it in an area that will be visible from where you are spending time. This way, you will be able to look after it from time to time. Even if you are in an area where you will have visibility of your bike at all times, you should still make sure that you have it properly locked up and secured.