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When Career Meets Passion

Have you ever walked into a store or someplace where you go to buy some kind of product or service and you walked out of there feeling like you’re a bit more important than what you might have believed? That’s the art of great service, my friend, and there’s a whole lot more to experiencing this kind of service than the desire of the person serving you to earn their paycheque at the end of the month.

This kind of service where you’re made to feel like royalty is naturally something which is aimed at by everybody who starts a business and employs people to run it for them, but actually achieving it is a different story altogether. It’s a lot more difficult to achieve when the approach isn’t right and the right approach is that of getting the right people in the right positions. Career needs to meet passion.

Economic elevation

Looking at something like cycling from the point of view of an outsider, I totally understand that it’s pretty hard to imagine anyone would be passionate about what is essentially just riding a bicycle for an extended period of time. Additionally, if you visited a cycling shop, whether it’s one which sells bicycles and spares or indeed if it’s a bicycle repair shop, you’d probably find someone there is knowledgeable enough about their job and industry, but they probably have none of the passion to go with it. In this instance you could probably still get a great service, but the greatness of that service would probably come from the fact that the person serving you is just grateful for the fact that they have a job in an economic environment that largely has jobs being scarce.

It’s good service that develops as a result of economic elevation; and that’s fair enough since you still get a good service, perhaps with a nice smile to go with it.

Identifying talent

There are some times however when talent has clearly been identified and the service you subsequently get to enjoy is that which is delivered by someone who is talented in a field related to that service. I’ll go back to the example of the bike shop attendant – imagine going in to get your bike fixed and you find a fellow cyclist manning the store or patrolling the ground of the store, eager to not only help customers, but also to have an endless discussion about the topic in general.

You’ll probably walk out of the shop with a new best friend instead of someone who just closed out a sale.

Bridging the gap between career and passion

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine any possible link between one’s passion and the career they might have invested a lot of their time and money into building, in which case it takes a bit of a while and some sustained effort to try and make it happen. It’s definitely possible though, such as how you might find that the bicycle accident lawyer division of law firms like Khan Law Firm PLLC is headed up by a cycling enthusiast who is also probably an avid cyclist.

Magic happens when career meets passion, creating a win-win situation for both the client and the service provider.